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Sustainability Strategies

Iren Group’s mission is to offer its customers and residents service efficiency, effectiveness, economic convenience and high quality standards, operating with expertise and professionalism with full respect for the environment and safety in the sectors of energy, integrated water services and waste management also on behalf of local authorities, contributing thus to the well-being of its employees and of the community and guaranteeing its shareholders adequate profitability.
The values on which Iren Group bases its strategy are: customer satisfaction, environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources, occupational health and safety, sustainable development, responsibility and cooperation with the community, efficiency of services, respect and enhancement of people, innovation and change, quality of the supplies and tenders and continuous improvement.

The pillars on which Iren Group bases its growth are:

It is on these pillars that Iren Group outlined its strategic guidelines within its 2021 Business Plan:
  • an additional push towards process streamlining to make action within the Group increasingly quick, incisive and effective;
  • the customer as a fundamental asset and lever on which to build a new corporate culture based on reliability, inclusion and innovation;
  • Iren as the key player in the consolidation process within its areas of presence;
  • all the Plan objectives developed within a framework of financial, social and environmental sustainability.