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Operating business segments

Iren Group operates in electricity, district heating, gas, integrated water service management, environmental services and services for local authorities. This is a diversified business model that guarantees solidity and significant development prospects.  
  Energy Services Water cycle systems Environmental Services
and business customers
1,783,400 (electricity and gas)    
Citizens served 871,000 (district heating) 2,640,754  2,096,232
Volumes Electricity​
•produced: 9,033 GWh
•sold: 15,921 GWh
•distributed: 4,248 GWh
•sold: 2,872 million m³
•distributed: 1,289 million m³
•produced: 2,996 GWh
•sold: 2,409 GWh
•volume served: 87.1 million m³
Water sold: 181 million m³ Waste treated: 2,016 million tonnes
Networks and plants 26 hydroelectric plants
8 thermoelectric cogeneration plants
1 thermoelectric plant
3 waste-to-energy plants
3 landfills (post operation)
3 biogas
9 photovoltaic
Distribution networks​
•Electricity: 7,654 km
•Gas: 7,984 km
•District heating: 923 km
1,171 treatment plants
Water mains network: 18,954 km
Sewage systems: 10,393 km
3 waste-to-energy plants
2 landfills
20 treatment, selection, storage and recovery plants
145 waste collection points