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Topic area Actions carried out in 2018
Emissions Development of the works for the connection of the waste-to-energy plant in Turin and Piacenza to the respective district heating networks
Energy efficiency, renewable sources and district heating
Increase in district heating volume
• 1.5% increase in volumes connected to the district heating network
• + 5.3 million m³ served during the 2018-2019 heating season (lease of the Sei Energia business unit)
• development of works to connect the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant to the district heating network and the start of construction on the storage system
• interventions on the district heating network and on the Turin waste-to-energy plant to connect it with the Grugliasco network
• the start of the authorisation procedures for building the new heat storage systems in the Turin area
Consolidation of the leadership position of environmentally friendly sources:
• start of redevelopment works on the hydroelectric plants of Chiomonte and Susa
• acquisition of control of the company Maira, owner of 3 mini-hydro plants with a total output of 5 MW
Energy efficiency:
• the replacement of around 110 boilers in municipal buildings in Turin
• efficiency interventions on public street lighting systems, replacing with LED lamps in the Municipality of Biella and in other municipalities nearby
• the energy requalification of buildings, consultancy and monitoring of energy consumption and the construction of micro cogeneration and photovoltaic plants for customers
• the installation of highly energy efficient pumps in the main sewage pumping stations with energy-saving monitoring
The replacement of lighting fixtures around the perimeter of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant with new LED projectors (expected savings of 25,120 KWh/year)
Circular economy: waste management, collection and reuse 45.7% increase in separated waste collection in Turin and 72.8% on average in the provinces of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia, thanks to the extension of home waste collection services
Extension of the exact waste pricing tariff to an additional 5 municipalities (11,665 residents) and an increase of 1,316 residents in the municipalities that are already served
Increase in the quantity of recoverable waste treated in the Group’s plants: requests for the construction of
• recovery plant for organic waste with biomethane production in Reggio Emilia
• plastic and paper selection plant in Turin
• plastic and paper selection plant at the Parma IEC
Sustainable use of water resources Reduction in water withdrawals from the environment for drinking water distribution:
• 46% of water network divided into districts
• reduction of 6 million cubic metres in water fed to the network in traditional areas compared to 2017
Reduction of water consumption in production processes: creation of a system for the reuse of part of the wastewater for cooling the bottom ashes of waste-to-energy plants
Qualitative and quantitative improvement of the purification capacity:
• increase in the purification capacity of the plants of more than 16,000 equivalent residents compared to 2017
• pollutant reduction in purified water: 93% BOD, 89% COD and 92% SST
Construction of the second biological purification line at the waste treatment and recovery plant in Piacenza, dedicated solely to landfill leachate
Innovation and smart cities Resilient cities: the start of the Just Iren project (industry 4.0) with the definition of the intervention areas (collection, disposal, waste movement data management, logistics, planning, billing, etc.), determining the sensors for the waste collection service (containers and vehicles) and the assessment of sensor integration for plants
Over 55% of intelligent gas meters installed, to improve the billing systems of the sales companies and monitoring by the customer
Efficient and reliable services Efficiency raising of the waste treatment and recovery plants:
• reduction in leachate production at the Poiatica (Reggio Emilia) landfill with the maintenance and consolidation of temporary coverings
• minimisation of waste quantities in storage at the storage plant on via Dei Gonzaga, Reggio Emilia
• new fire detection system at the Cornocchio (Parma) site to contain environmental/safety risks
Improvement of the security level of the gas network:
• gas network inspected: 84.5% of the high and medium pressure network, 79.8% of the low pressure network
• upgrading of the gas network: 26 km of network laid, of which 19.5 km operational
• replacement of 49 earth electrodes for cathodic protection of the steel network
• upgrading of 28 rising mains
• leak searching linked to the replacement of electronic meters
• 96% of emergency calls with on-site arrival times within 60 minutes
Responsible management of business segments Reduction of environmental impacts on electricity networks:
• decommissioning of 50 electricity substations with electromagnetic emissions in the nearby area
• decommissioning and disposal of 11 pieces of equipment containing 2,197 kg of oil contaminated with PCBs/PCTs
Containment of olfactory emissions from the Parma IEC: continuation of upgrading works to the odour abatement system of the sludge treatment zone
Reduction of liquid waste production: request to make minor changes to the Parma IEC to send wastewater for chemical-physical processing, reducing the production of liquid waste sent to external plants
Decommissioning and disposal of 96,205 kg of end-of-life equipment containing hazardous components
Implementation of the QSA Certified System (Quality, Safety and Environment):
• UNI 11352 certification for companies that supply energy services (ESCO) and the renewal for Iren Rinnovabili
• transfer to Iren Rinnovabili of the F-Gas Certification obtained from Iren Energia
• upgrading and extension of the QES certifications for Iren Ambiente and the R.E.I. landfill
• implementation of a QES management system for TRM
• implementation of the energy efficiency management system (ISO 50001) for Iren Energia
• preliminary activities prior to the start of the implementation of the information security management system (ISO 27001)
• development, testing and validation of the new environmental analysis method for sites, plants and processes

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