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Objectives Actions carried out in 2017
Consolidate the leadership of environmentally friendly sources  • Beginning of the redevelopment of the hydroelectric plants of Chiomonte and Susa
Increase energy efficiency
• Energy efficiency of hydroelectric and thermoelectric production plants
• Replacement of equipment with LED lights (8,500 in the City of Asti and 1,686 in the Biella area)
• Efficiency raising of 116 thermal power stations in the City of Turin
• Installation of LED lamps in the tank and fore-tank zones of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant
• Reduction of electricity consumption thanks to the division of the water networks into districts (Parma and Savona energy recovery of 2-3% compared to 2016)
Reduce atmospheric emissions • Installation of heat exchangers and pumps for the heating of natural gas, with district heating fluid in the Moncalieri Plant
• Investments in the district heating network to connect the TRM waste-to-energy plant with the network in Grugliasco
• Work on the TRM district heating building to use heat produced by the plant and the divestiture of the external distribution network
• Procurement of equipment to connect the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant to the city district heating network
Reduce industrial water consumption • Recirculation of wastewater in the waste removal system of the Parma IEC
Contain olfactory emissions • Upgrading the odour abatement system of the sludge treatment zone of the Parma IEC
Improve the waste collection, management, recovery and disposal systems and increase separated waste collection (circular economy) • Activation and extension of home waste collection services with an increase in separated waste collection
• Drafting the project and the environmental impact assessment of the paper and plastic selection system at the Parma IEC
• Authorisation procedures begun for the plastic and paper selection system at the Borgaro site (Turin)
Reduce leaks in water networks through monitoring and division of the areas into districts • Parma task force with the installation of dozens of district meters and the launch of targeted loss research projects (-2.6 million m³ in the network compared to 2016)
• 29 active districts in Rapallo – Zoagli – S. Margherita – Portofino with substantial volumes recovered 
• 10 active districts in Genoa saw the introduction of a pressure reduction and regulation system
• Recovery of significant leaks and the replacement of damaged pipes in Cairo Montenotte with a reduction in water input (-46%)
• Completion of the district division project for the city of Vercelli
Improve purification processes and subsequent energy consumption • Construction of plants with advanced process control logic at the Monticelli (Parma) and Salvaterra (Reggio Emilia) treatment plants with savings in electricity consumption
• Replacement of the compressors at the Traversetolo treatment plant (Parma)
• Upgrading works for the sludge dewatering unit of the Parma Ovest and Roncocesi (Reggio Emilia) plants
• Upgrading works to the Cadelbosco (Reggio Emilia), Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza) and Rossiglione (Genoa) plants
• Planning for the Moneglia (Genoa) treatment plant and procedures begun for the performance of works
• Efficiency-raising works on the air treatment section of the Lavagna and Sestri Levante (Genoa) treatment plants
• Trial protocol for plants with advanced process control logic at the Vercelli treatment plant
• Installation of advanced process control logic and the upgrading of the airing system at the Saluggia (Vercelli) treatment plant
• Optimisation of wastewater pumping in the City of Vercelli with consumption monitoring
Extend the sewage and treatment service to areas not served 
• Connection of the sewage system to the Trino (Vercelli) treatment plant and the installation of treatment systems on untreated sewerage section in Olcenengo (Vercelli)
Improve the efficiency of the gas distribution network in order to ensure high levels of safety and reduce leaks to a minimum • Renovation works on the gas network, in line with that envisaged by AEEGSI, in Liguria in particular
• Cathodic protection of the entire newly-laid steel network
• Planned inspection of over 84% of the gas network to search for leaks
Reduce emissions from electromagnetic fields (EMF): monthly monitoring of electrical substations to keep the EMF values within the Quality value limits • Monthly control of safety and electromagnetic fields in new/renovated operational substations
• 8 inspections on 44 new substations installed/renovated
• Measurement of the EMF of electricity distribution plants
Reduce the number of electrical devices containing PCB/PCT contaminated oil • Decommissioning and disposal of 26 pieces of equipment containing oil contaminated with PCB
Create educational visit courses for the Turin waste-to-energy plant • Prepare the visitor tunnel and multimedia tower at TRM
• Manage 100 visits to the TRM waste-to-energy plant amounting to 4,025 participants in total
Implement the QSE (Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente - Quality, Safety, Environment) Certified System  • Develop the methodology for operational risk assessment of processes, as provided for by the reference legislation for Quality and Environment certification (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)
• Renewal of Certifications with the transition to the new standards for Iren, Iren Laboratori, Iren Mercato, Ireti, Iren Acqua, Iren Acqua Tigullio, AM.TER and AMIAT
• UNI 11352 certification (ESCO) for Iren Energia and the renewal of the certification for Iren Rinnovabili
• F-Gas Certification of Iren Energia
• Maintenance of the QES and EMAS certifications for Iren Ambiente with the extension to: R.E.I. landfill, multi-purpose waste management plant in Reggio Emilia, Systems Centre in Piacenza, Parma IEC, administrative, commercial and personnel activities in the Emilia area and billing activities and tax management
• EMAS registration submission for TRM


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