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2,756,532 t CO2 avoided

In 2017, renewable sources, cogeneration and separated waste collection allowed Iren Group to reduce emissions by almost 2.8 million tonnes of CO, compared to the 3.5 million tonnes of COemissions generated by the activities carried out. 

The generation of electricity from renewable sources creates significant positive effects on the reduction of emissions; moreover, the predominant cogeneration framework (production of electricity and thermal energy that feeds the district heating networks in different cities) of the Group’s thermoelectric plants significantly contributes to containing specific greenhouse gas emissions. 
In order to reduce pollution, only natural gas is used to supply the energy production plants and both low emission combustion systems and pollutant reduction systems are installed (catalysts for the reduction of CO and NOX). 
Continuous emission monitoring systems make it possible to detect in real time the main pollutants and the improvement of the efficiency of the combustion process of cogeneration plants, larger thermal plants and waste-to-energy plants. The latter are also required, pursuant to the relevant Integrated Environmental Authorisations (IEA), to comply with stricter emission limits than those contained in national legislation. 
The total combustion of the biogas produced in landfills produces the maximum reduction of methane and any other greenhouse gas emissions.