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24% water leaks

The total volume of water supplied to the network in 2016 amounted to around 253.1 million m³ (47% Emilia area, 50.7% Liguria area, 2.3% Piedmont area).
The percentage of leaks (for 60.8 million m³) stood at 24%, compared to the national average of 35%.

The water is constantly checked to guarantee its quality and the health of the public. In 2016, 658,230 quality parameters were analysed by the Group's laboratories.
Water network control, extension and maintenance interventions are also constant, which are carried out to optimise the service quality for the public and environmental protection.
Urban wastewater from public sewers is treated at 1,136 treatment plants of various types and capacities to put "clean" water back into nature.

The free distribution of water also has social value thanks to the 62 public water dispensers that the Group has distributed throughout the local area. To date, over 240 million litres of water (natural, chilled and sparkling) have been taken for free, with a considerable reduction in plastic packaging (over 160 million 1.5-litre plastic bottles avoided) and a saving for the community of almost 40 million Euro.

Water network leaks per km of network (m³/km)