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64.3% separated waste collection

In 2018, Iren Group managed 2,268,791 tonnes of waste, 688,695 tonnes of which were special waste, 710,022 tonnes of non-separated urban waste, 869,144 tonnes of separated waste collection and 930 tonnes of neutral fraction.
The average of separated waste collection across the area served by the Group was up compared to the previous year, reaching 64.3%, against the national average of 55.5%, a figure that is very close to the target of 65% set for 2035 by the European Union’s Circular Economy Package.
The percentage of separated waste collection reached in 2018 reflects a continuous growth trend. Specifically, the results by local area are:
  •  Province of Parma 79.2%;
     Province of Piacenza 67.3%;
     Province of Reggio Emilia 74.8%;
     Turin 45.6%;
     Province of Vercelli 67.6%;
     La Spezia 69.9%.
The Group has confirmed in its Business Plan its commitment to achieving a further increase in the percentage of separated waste collection, through the continuous development of the home collection services and the exact pricing systems, aiming at an even greater promotion of environmental awareness among citizens, and sending 100% of urban waste collected to be recovered as material or energy.

Waste from separated waste collection by method (t)