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553,400 TOE saved

 Iren Group’s priority is to produce and manage its processes while taking the greatest care over saving energy resources and promoting energy efficiency initiatives for the local area.
 In 2017, the Group achieved savings of around 553,400 TOE, 5,594 TOE of which were achieved through energy saving projects that generate external impacts, compared to over 1,304,000 TOE consumed overall.
 Thanks to the high-efficiency cogeneration plant of Torino Nord, 75,640 energy efficiency certificates (EEC) are expected for the year 2017 (equivalent to an equal amount of TOE of energy savings).
 In 2017, Green Certificates were replaced by equivalent incentives and over the year the Group matured 794.105  former Green Certificate thanks to renewable sources energy production connected to the hydroelectric plants and to the TRM waste-to-energy plant and the Group’s landfills.

Our Energy Saving in 2017