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634,885 TOE saved

For Iren Group environmental responsibility means producing and managing its processes while taking the greatest care over saving energy resources and promoting energy efficiency initiatives for the local area.
In 2016, the Group achieved savings of over 634,885 TOE, 3,500 TOE of which were achieved through energy saving actions, compared to the over 1.2 million TOE consumed overall.
On the energy efficiency front, thanks to the high-efficiency cogeneration plant of Torino Nord, 109,483 TOE of energy savings were achieved. Furthermore, Iren Group, has implemented projects over the years recognised and promoted by AEEGSI, which also resulted in 3,878 TOE of energy saved in 2016.
In 2016, the Group accrued 811,600 green certificates, which were issued for energy production from renewable sources connected to hydroelectric plants.

Our energy saving