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87% environmentally-friendly energy

Almost 87% of the electricity produced by the Group derives from renewable sources (water or solar) or similar (cogeneration, WTE and landfills).
In 2018, Iren acquired control of the photovoltaic plants of Iren Rinnovabili, going from a production of 185 MWh in 2017 to over 20,000 MWh in 2018. This type of plant represents an important asset considering the Group’s commitment to producing clean energy.
In 2018, hydroelectric production increased by 32.8%, due to the expansion of the Group’s plants: in fact, the hydroelectric plant in Baiso (7,600 MWh produced) and the three plants in Val Maira (4,250 MWh produced) were acquired.
The waste-to-energy plants in Parma, Piacenza and Turin produced 566,551 MWh of electricity in 2018.

Our Environmentally Friendly Sources in 2018