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Improve the environment

Iren Group has already planned significant and structured actions for the future to constantly improve the environmental impact of its activities.
Objectives Future Actions
Emissions 5% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2023 compared to 2017
Energy efficiency, renewable sources and district heating 11% increase in district heating volumes by 2023 compared to 2017:
• investments in new connections to the district heating network in all areas
• the creation of 10,000 m3 of new heat storage in the cities of Reggio Emilia, Genoa, Parma, Piacenza and Turin
• additional investments for the flexibility of heating systems to guarantee the best efficiency standards and respond to the future challenges of the electricity market
Consolidation of the leadership position of environmentally friendly sources through investments in the mini-hydro and photovoltaic sector
Energy efficiency:
• save 10% of tonnes of equivalent crude oil (TOE) by 2023 compared to 2017
• energy requalification of both public and private buildings by working on the exteriors
• monitoring and consultancy interventions to reduce customers energy consumption
• revamping of heating systems
• relamping and efficiency-raising interventions for the public street lighting systems in the municipalities of Fidenza, Fiorenzuola and Turin
• the development of highly energy-efficient pumps in the main sewage pumping stations and energy-saving monitoring
The installation of more energy-efficient lighting in most waste treatment and disposal plants
Increase in separated waste collection by 2023: 60% in Turin and 79% on average in the provinces of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia
Circular economy: waste management, collection and reuse Extension of the exact waste pricing tariff to an additional 2 municipalities (approximately 187,000 residents) by 2019 and 90% of municipalities managed by 2023
Increase in the quantity of recoverable waste treated in the Group’s plants: the conclusion of the authorisation process for
• recovery plant for organic waste with biomethane production in Reggio Emilia
• plastic and paper selection plant in Turin
• plastic and paper selection plant at the Parma IEC
Sustainable use of water resources Reduction in water withdrawals from the environment for drinking water distribution:
• 5-percentage points reduction in network leaks by 2017 compared to 2017, thanks to division into districts of 84% of the water networks and to sustainability education initiatives
Reduction of water consumption in production processes: optimisation of wastewater recycling system in the cooling of the bottom ashes of waste-to-energy plants
Qualitative and quantitative improvement of the purification capacity:
• 14% increase in the purification capacity of the plants, in terms of equivalent residents, by 2023 compared to 2017
• pollutant reduction in purified water: 94% BOD, 90% COD and 93% SST by 2023
Innovation and smart cities Resilient cities: the extension of the Just Iren project to all intervention areas to reduce the impacts of the collection service, logistics, connected administrative processes, control of services in the local area and the extension of the exact waste pricing method
94% of intelligent gas meters installed by 2023, to improve the billing systems of the sales companies and monitoring by the customer
Efficient and reliable services Efficiency raising of the waste treatment and recovery plants: installation of adequate sensors on measuring systems present on the sites to enable constant monitoring thanks to the interconnection with the Just Iren system, which is currently being developed
Improvement of the security level of the gas network:
• gas network inspected: 85.5% of the high and medium pressure network, 80.5% of the low pressure network
• upgrading of the gas network to replace the most obsolete sections (cast iron and steel pipelines) with significant investments in cathodic protection
• upgrading searches for leaks on the most critical infrastructures (cast iron network, hemp and lead joints)
• continuation of searches for leaks linked to the replacement of electronic meters
• 97% of emergency calls with on-site arrival times within 60 minutes
Responsible management of business segments Reduction of the environmental impacts of electricity networks by 2023:
• decommissioning of 250 electricity substations with electromagnetic emissions in the nearby area
• complete renovation of 15 substations to completely remove electromagnetic emissions
• decommission and disposal of 100 MV/LV transformers containing oil contaminated with PCBs/ PCTs
Containment of olfactory emissions from the Parma IEC: completion of upgrading works to the odour abatement system of the sludge treatment zone
Reduction of liquid waste production: construction of the wastewater channelling system at the treatment plant of the Parma IEC
Continuation of the decommissioning and disposal of equipment containing hazardous components
Implementation of the QSA Certified System (Quality, Safety and Environment):
• ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certification for the REI landfill
 • ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certifications and maintenance of the ISO 14001 certification for TRM
 • UNI 50001 certification for Iren Energia
 • ISO 27001 certification
 • application of the new Environmental Analysis method to all Group companies certified ISO 14001
 • implementation of the integrated QES management system for ACAM Acque, ACAM Ambiente, ReCos and Spezia Energy Trading (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001)
• extension of Iren Laboratori’s QES certifications to the Vercelli and La Spezia sites
• extension of QES certifications to Disinfection, Disinfestation and Rodent Control
• QES certifications of the activities carried out at the Mancasale (Reggio Emilia) site and the planning and construction activities at the Cornocchio (Parma) site