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Improve the environment

Iren Group has already planned significant and structured actions for the future to constantly improve the environmental impact of its activities. 
Objectives Future Actions
Consolidate the leadership of environmentally friendly sources • 76% of energy produced from renewables and similar sources by 2022
• Investments in renewable source (biomass plants) and mini-hydro sectors
Increase energy efficiency • Increase of energy saved by 2022 (+11% TOE compared to 2016)
• Beginning of the replacement of around 9,400 municipality street lamps with LED lights
• Energy efficiency-raising interventions for the management of heating systems in the Municipality of Grugliasco and for the Royal Theatre of Turin
• Replacement of street lights inside the perimeter of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant
Reduce atmospheric emissions  Increase in CO2emissions avoided by 2022 (+14% compared to 2016)
• Growth in volumes served by the district heating network by 2022 (+14% compared to 2016)
• Continued investments in the district heating network to connect TRM with the network in Grugliasco
• Completion of the connection project of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant to the city district heating network
Reduce industrial water consumption • Minor changes to the Parma IEC to send wastewater for chemical-physical processing, reducing the production of liquid waste sent to external plants
Improve the waste collection, management, recovery and disposal systems and increase separated waste collection (circular economy) • 100% of urban waste collected sent for material and/or energy recovery
• Additional growth in separated waste collection in the local areas served 
• Increase in the quantity of recoverable waste processed at the Group-owned plants
• Application for the construction of a recovery plant for organic waste with biomethane production
• Conclusion of authorisation procedures for the construction of a plastic and paper selection system at the Parma IEC 
• Conclusion of authorisation procedures and work assignment for the construction of a plastic and paper selection system at the Borgaro site (Turin)
Reduce leaks in water networks through monitoring and division of the areas into districts • 85% of water networks divided into districts and monitored by 2022
• Additional reduction in volume of water fed to the network in the Province of Parma 
• Launch of precise monitoring of the volumes fed into the network in the Piacenza area with the creation of the first city districts
• Continuation of the district division project of the networks in the Genoa area 
• Completion of the district division system in Tigullio (the last 5 districts in S. Margherita)
 • Division into districts begun in Savona
• Launch of the leak study in Chiavari and Lavagna
• Extension of the use of satellite technology to search for leaks in the Liguria area
• Creation of the first 3 districts in the Vercelli area and the recovery of certain old districts in the bordering municipalities
Improve purification processes and subsequent energy consumption • Increase in purification capacity by 2022 (+15% population residents served compared to 2016)
• Implementation of advanced process control logic for the 6 treatment plants in the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia
• Completion of system upgrading for the treatment plants of Boretto and Meletole (Reggio Emilia) and Sorbolo (Parma)
• Commencement of system upgrading for Collecchio, Borghetto, S. Maria del Piano and Monticelli-Montechiarugolo (Parma)
• Upgrade design for the plants of Fiorenzuola D’Arda and San Nicolò (Piacenza), and Arenzano Porto (Genoa)
• Completion of adaptation and upgrading works to the Moneglia and Ronco Scrivia (Genoa) treatment plants
• Start of advanced process control at the Vercelli, Saluggia, Desana and Bianzè (Vercelli) treatment plants
Improve the efficiency of the gas distribution network and ensure high levels of safety • Continuation of efficiency monitoring, maintenance and renewal of the network 
• Continuation of scheduled searching for leaks
Reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) • Continuation of the design and construction of the new MV/LV substations and monthly safety checks
Reduce the number of electrical devices containing PCB/PCT contaminated oil • Continuation of decommissioning and disposal of equipment containing oil contaminated with PCB/PCT
Implement the QSE (Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente - Quality, Safety, Environment) Certified System • Completion of the update to certified Systems with the consequent renewal of the Certifications with the transition to the new standards
• Maintenance of the UNI 11352 Certification of Iren Energia
• Maintenance of the F-Gas Certification of Iren Energia
• Renewal of the UNI 11352 Certification of Iren Rinnovabili
• Extension of the Iren Ambiente QES Certifications to the Cornocchio (Parma) and Mancasale (Reggio Emilia) Plant Centres and to the Design and Works Department
• Start of the ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certification process for TRM
• Acquisition of the EMAS Registration and the maintenance of the ISO 14001 Certification of TRM
• Definition and implementation of the certifiable energy efficiency Management System, pursuant to the ISO 50001 standard, for Iren Energia
• Definition and implementation of the certifiable information security management System, pursuant to the ISO 27001 standard, for the Parent Company