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+195% growth of the Iren share in the last 4 years

In 2018 the FTSE Italia All-share (the main Italian Stock Exchange index), recorded a drop of 16.71%, due mainly to the worsening of the macro-economic framework. In this context, even anti-cyclical companies, such as multi-utility companies, felt the potential regulatory risks with specific reference to concession activities and water cycle management. These uncertainties mainly affected the companies involved in these activities, including Iren, which decreased by 16.16% during the period. As at 31 December 2018, the price of the Iren bond stood at 2.096 Euro per share, with average trading volumes in the year of approximately 2.06 million units per day. The average price was 2.26 Euro per share, which reached the highest level since Iren was established (2.74 Euro per share) on 23 January and its minimum level (1.88 Euro per share) on 6 December.