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Our customers: our strategic focus

Customer focus is a pillar within Iren Group’s development strategy, which is steered towards a model that is increasingly based on the customer and citizen experience and focused on anticipating the needs of all customers.

For this reason, in 2017 the Group’s position as all-round reference supplier within the energy sector was consolidated, thanks to a wide range of products for energy efficiency and home management and protection. To increasingly meet the needs of the home environment as a whole, ten offers were launched and important partnerships with leading companies in the renewable energy and home assistance sectors were undertaken.  
    2017 2016
Retail electricity customers 820,450 791,000
Retail gas customers 896,950 806,000
Citizens served by the district heating service 871,000 846,000
Integrated water service
2,640,754 2,508,066
Urban environmental services citizens 2,096,232 2,121,000