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Improving for our customers

Iren Group has already planned significant and structured actions for the future to constantly improve the supply of services and customer relations.
Objectives   Future Actions
Service levels, customer focus and changes in customer expectations
Marketing policies
Internal and external communication
Maintenance and strengthening of position in traditional areas: strengthening the brand reputation, also via co-marketing with other relevant institutions and players in the reference areas, to reinforce the visibility and position of the range of offers and services
Loyalty, retention and the extension of contact channels:
• increase in the number of physical contact points and modernisation of existing spaces
• consolidation and enhancement of the Iren con Te programme, increasing advantages and rewards and improving the participation mechanisms
• activation of a “call back” service to avoid waiting times and guarantee easier telephone contact for customers, who can opt to be re-contacted by Iren within a few minutes, by appointment or via the web
Transformation of systems and processes for the digital evolution of the customer experience:
• continuation of the social media project to consolidate the caring channel, increase the fan base with advertising and sponsored posts, raise engagement with narrations of events and increase sales with product campaigns on core targets
• conclusion of the development of the CRM platform and the migration towards new apps for the entire customer base, to guarantee a better service level of digital processes and multi-channel experience
• development of the self-care area and paperless processes to provide customers with visibility concerning the progress of their requests through web/app tracking
• completion of the release of CRM features for the management of post-sales and customer care processes
Consolidation of the “new downstream” project: development of the range of products on offer with the optimisation of existing solutions and the introduction of new products and services paired to commodities
Consolidation within the e-mobility market:
• development and optimisation of the range of existing solutions and the introduction of new partners and products
• development of existing channels and the search for new sales channels with a particular focus on business customers