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Improving for our customers

Iren Group has already planned significant and structured actions for the future to constantly improve the supply of services and customer relations.
Objectives   Future Actions
Maintain and strengthen its position in traditional areas, also through events in collaboration with the main local cultural institutions and associations • New events programme in the area to complement the marketing and sales activities
• Development of CRM with management functions for post-sales processes to guarantee a simplified user experience and an advanced customer experience designed around the needs and preferences of customers
• Visibility of the advanced status of requests/procedures for the customer, also via the Web/App tracking area
• Possibility for customers to carry out self-care operations via the Web or App, and to develop paperless processes
• The possibility for customers to configure and sign their offer on the Web/App channel by selecting the contractual conditions
Increase commercial presence in the identified development areas, also thanks to the connection with innovation and new downstream topics • New communication campaigns to strengthen brand awareness and stronger synergies between publicity, promotion, local events and support for the sales team by enhancing the various communication channels
Develop the “new downstream” project both in traditional areas and development areas • Consolidation of the “new downstream” project: extension of the product offers for energy saving and home automation, the development of innovative offer models with simultaneous new processes and new sales channels
• Entry to the e-mobility market with the definition of various sales offers for the home automation, corporate and local authorities segments 
Consolidate the Iren Mercato customer base through an extensive loyalty and retention strategy • Enhancement of the IrenConTe programme: improvement of engagement and participation mechanisms for enrolled customers, new advantages, new reporting platform for constant monitoring of KPIs and the annual animation plan