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Quality services for our customers

Service level is essential to satisfy, and therefore retain, Iren Group customers and to successfully compete on the market. Furthermore, the ability to deliver high quality levels and innovative services to respond to new and emerging customer demands represents a guarantee for long-term development.

Thanks to continuous controls and a networks renovation plan, Iren Group has percentages of electricity leaks - which occur during the transport and distribution of electricity from the plant to the place of supply - that are lower than the national average and have continued to fall for the last three years. 

Electricity network leaks


Continuous modernisation and inspection of gas networks, together with an effective emergency service are fundamentals for the proper management of the gas distribution network. In 2017, Iren Group inspected around 85% of the 7,984 km of the gas network managed, i.e. 6,778 km. Specifically, 82% of the low-pressure network and 88% of the medium-high pressure network were inspected: percentages that are much higher than those requested by the Authority.

Around 90% of the total district heating network was inspected by Iren Group (830 km out of 923 km of network). This control percentage rose sharply compared to 2016.

District Heating Network Inspected 

Water quality in the areas served by Iren Group is ensured by constant and regular controls. Around 57,000 analyses were conducted on drinking water and wastewater in 2017 equalling over 738,000 parameters analysed.

Analysed Parameters