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220 Projects for the community

Iren Group focuses heavily on cultural, environmental and sports events that possess distinctive characteristics at a national and international level and which are rooted in the local tradition of the areas of presence.

Culture, environment and sport are fundamental levers for the development of the local areas and for the quality of citizens' life. In 2016, over 220 projects saw Iren Group alongside communities to create cultural initiatives, develop projects to protect the environment and support the diffusion of sport as a tool for social cohesion.
Specifically, thanks to Iren Group's collaboration through sponsorships and donations, the following were created:
  • 73 cultural and innovation initiatives, including: Royal Theatre in Parma, Theatres Foundation of Reggio Emilia, Royal Theatre Foundation of Turin, Theatres Foundation of Piacenza, Carlo Felice Foundation in Genoa, “Torino Jazz Festival”, the “Cinemambiente” Festival (Turin), the Science Festival (Genoa), the European Photography event (Reggio Emilia), the “Festival del Diritto” (Piacenza) and the Festival Verdi (Piacenza);
  • 21 social initiatives, including: Diocesan Caritas for the Temporary Residential Accommodation project (Turin), Music For Peace event (Genoa), “Piazza dei Mestieri” Foundation (Turin) and the inauguration of the CORE wing at Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova Hospital (Reggio Emilia);
  • 79 environmental initiatives, including: the Environmental Ethics Centre and support for the environmental projects of numerous Emilia Municipalities;
  • 20 sports initiatives, including: the HB Basket Torino Onlus, the Pre-Olympic Basketball FIBA Tournament and the Mixed Gran Prix of Fioretto (fencing);
  • 27 entertainment projects in the local area.

Donations and sponsorships per area