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243 projects in favour of communities

Culture, the environment, sport and a social focus are fundamental levers for the development of the local areas and for the quality of citizens’ lives. In 2017, 243 projects were created by Iren Group in these areas, which had a significant impact within the areas where they were carried out.
Specifically, thanks to Iren Group’s collaboration, the following were implemented:
 54 cultural and innovation projects: including support for the Royal Theatre in Parma and membership to the Theatres Foundation of Reggio Emilia, the Royal Theatre Foundation of Turin, the Theatres Foundation of Piacenza and the Carlo Felice Foundation in Genoa, the National Innovation Award, the Emilia Romagna Start Cup and the Liguria Start Cup, the Science Festival in Genoa, the European Photography event in Reggio Emilia and the Festival Verdi in Parma; 

 27 projects in the social sector: amongst which we should note the support for University Scholarships and the Peri Institute of Reggio Emilia, the Piazza dei Mestieri Foundation, which promotes professional training for teenagers, and the projection on some monuments of the symbol of the Erasmus logo for Europe Day; 

 59 projects in the environmental sector: including membership to the Environmental Ethics Centre and support for the environmental projects of numerous Emilia Municipalities, the Remida Centre in Reggio Emilia and CinemAmbiente in Turin;

 33 projects in the sports sector: including support for the European Paralympic Youth Games that were held in Genoa, the support for the seasons of some minor sports teams, such as hockey, sledge hockey, basketball and water polo; 

 70 entertainment projects in the local area: including Christmas events in Turin (Luci d’Artista), Genoa (tree at Porto Antico), Reggio Emilia (Santa Claus’ House) and New Year in the square in Reggio Emilia and Parma.

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