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53 projects by the Local Committees for sustainability

Iren Local Committees are bodies which have been established to strengthen relationships with the local areas, analyse them and anticipate needs, encourage innovative environmental and social initiatives, increase widespread awareness of strategies and services offered, guaranteeing broad representation of the various realities of civil society and engaging Iren Group top management in dialogue with its stakeholders. Committees are also a work instrument for collecting the ideas and proposals of citizens via the Irencollabora.it platform, in order to plan new sustainable development solutions, enhancing the experience, knowledge and skills of local communities to create shared value and generate growth for the Group and for the areas in which it operates.
In 2018, the projects incubated by the Committees of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Turin and Genoa reached 53, and concerned environmental, social and educational topics. At the end of 2018, 29 projects had been created by the Committees in total:
The following projects concentrate on reducing  food waste: “Parma non spreca” (Parma doesn’t waste), “Ri-Cibiamo al Ristorante - Chi ama il cibo non lo spreca”
Reduction in waste production and environmental sustainability are evident in the following projects: Studia, smonta, aggiusta, ricicla, differenzia” (Study, dismantle, repair, recycle, differentiate), “Detenuti per l’ambiente” (Prisoners for the Environment), “Valorizzazione ambientale delle potature del verde urbano” (Environmental development of pruned urban vegetation), “Manuale di buone pratiche” (Good practice manual), “L’Ultimo Diogene” (The Last Diogenes) and “Bando AmbientAzioni” (AmbientAzioni competition).
The following projects were created to support vulnerable groups: the “Bonus energetico” (Energy Bonus), “FCR Reggio Emilia Città senza Barriere” (FCR Reggio Emilia City without barriers), “Accompagnamento Protetto” (Protected Accompaniment), “Centro Polifunzionale di via Ferro” (Via Ferro Multi-functional Centre) and “Campioni si diventa” (Becoming Champions).
Urban decor and landscape improvement were the objectives of the following projects: “Ripristino del Bosco di Fornace Vecchia” (Restoration of the Forest of Fornace Vecchia), “Orto Urbano di Villa Ronco” (Villa Ronco City Garden), “C = Come Borgo Campidoglio” (C = For Campidoglio Hamlet), “Chiomonte S.M.A.R.T.”, “#conoscerexgestireilterritorio” (#Knowtomanagethearea), “Segnaletica a misura di bambino per l’acquedotto storico di Genova” (Signs for children for the historical aqueduct in Genoa) and “#iorestaurocongenovacultura” (irestorewithgenoaculture).
Lastly, social relevance was elevated by the following projects: “La Tribù” (The Tribe) for empowering young girls and “Dilemma”, a project that aims to encourage reflection on the relationship between competition and cooperation on social, environmental and economic issues.
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