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5 Local Committees for Participatory Planning

In 2016, Iren Group created or contributed to the creation of various environmental, social and cultural projects, which had significant importance in the local area.

Among the initiatives that aimed to generate positive impacts on the local area, the Local Committees and the online platform “irencollabora.it” stand out.

The Committees are an innovative channel for dialogue, debate and planning between the Group and its stakeholders concerning the company's services and the social and environmental sustainability topics. This is an effective tool for gathering ideas, proposals, comments and observations with the aim of improving Group services by designing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the local area together with the residents.

IrenCollabora.it is the first example in Italy of a participatory planning platform. Everyone can register on the platform and directly publish their contribution on the topics or open discussions within the Committees putting forward new proposals or suggestions on issues that are of interest to the Group, with the aim of generating real and tangible projects. The information flow produced by the platform is also a valuable source that inspires Iren to adopt innovative service strategies and anticipate the needs of the local areas.

In 2016, the projects created by the Local Committees almost doubled compared to 2015, coming to 29 in number, 9 of which have already been implemented:
  • A more sustainable Campus is a Campus without plastic
  • Greater understanding of bills
  • Atelier for sustainability in the kitchen
  • Suq Festival: culture of the environment, culture for the environment
  • Environmental Education - Val Tassaro
  • “Slow Food Piacenza - Orto della Condotta” School Garden
  • Salsomaggiore, the city for the health of the earth
  • “Ortosovversivo” (Subversive Garden)
  • Collection of used cooking oil
  • Irencollabora.it