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9 Trade Unions at a national and international level

In order to create opportunities for discussion and collaboration with other companies and to facilitate regulatory and technological compliance, Iren Group is a member of several national and international technical associations in the water, environmental and energy fields.

 Utilitalia, a federation that brings together public service Companies that operate in the water, environment, electricity and gas sectors, acting as their representative at European and national Institutions. 
 Confservizi (at a national and regional level), a trade union that represents, promotes and protects companies and bodies that manage public utility services such as water, gas, electricity, environmental health and local transport.
 Confindustria (regional branches of Genoa, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Turin), the leading organisation representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy.
 Assonime, an association of Italian Joint-Stock companies. It works to improve industrial, commercial, administrative and tax legislation in Italy and represents the views of the companies within Italian, European and international institutions.
 Anfida, a national association of private water works companies that belong to Confindustria which promotes solidarity and collaboration between its member companies, organises studies on topics of interest and acts as their representative with private and public authorities, organisations and administrations. 
 AIRU, the Italian Urban Heating Association, which represents sector operators with the aim of promoting and disseminating plant engineering innovation and its application. 
 EHP - EuroHeat and Power, an international association that represents the district heating and cooling sector and cogeneration sector in Europe. 
 Elettricità Futura, the main Italian electrical association, created from the merger between AssoRinnovabili and Assoelettrica. It represents and protects both big and small companies that operate within the electricity sector in Italy and counts over 700 operators with plants all over Italy. 
 RES4MED - Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean, a non-profit association founded as a network of utilities, industries, companies and suppliers of technical services, research institutes and academia involved in promoting clean energy solutions to the countries in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.