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Workforce, vehicles and resources to support communities affected by disasters

The Group shows its closeness to Communities affected by serious natural disasters by giving support to Local Administrations and aid and welfare Institutions, also by way of making employees and vehicles available.
After the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa on 14 August 2018, Ireti proceeded to isolate the area from the gas distribution perspective and close the outlets of the evacuated buildings indicated by the Municipal Operations Centre. In water distribution, the sectional cuts made to the pipes in the area allowed the pressure on the network to be normalised, despite the damage suffered, avoiding interruptions in supply, limited only to the restricted area. From the very beginning, the Group collaborated to make the utility connections for the new homes supplied to the displaced families available and took care of all contractual procedures, to get to the consignment of the first apartments, which became available on 19 August. Furthermore, the Group sped up the execution of previously planned road works, also by putting on evening and Sunday shifts, so as to provide the city with an alternative east-west connection. Given the extreme distress the evacuated families suffered, Iren Mercato immediately suspended the invoicing of gas, electricity and water and also stopped any reminders for bills that had been already issued.
In regards to urban waste management, the Group made 7 vehicles for collection and sweeping services available to the AMIU (Municipality of Genoa management company).