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Workforce, vehicles and resources amounting to € 90,000 to support communities affected by disasters

The Companies of Iren Group have emergency plans which contemplate the most likely environmental and safety emergency scenarios and aim to be demonstrative. These plans have been drawn up to respond to potential accidents and alarm situations, which could occur after a natural disaster, explosions or fires, as well as preventing and mitigating the consequent damage to people and/or the environment.

In 2016, the Group showed its closeness to Communities affected by serious natural disasters, not only in the areas in which it works, by giving support to Local Administrations and aid and welfare institutions, but also by way of making employees and vehicles available.

Following the major earthquake on  August 24th 2016 that severely affected the people of central Italy, the Group - in collaboration with Trade Unions - gave a contribution to Civil Defence, amounting to over 90,000 Euro, half of which was donated by employees through the devolution of their working hours, which was matched by the Group.

Furthermore, funds normally intended for implementing end-of-year meetings with Group personnel, combined with a significant company contribution, were used to support a project aimed at securing the “Borgo Ovest” school in Rieti, which was damaged by the earthquake.