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Workforce, vehicles and resources to support
communities affected by disasters

The Group shows its closeness to Communities affected by serious natural disasters by giving support to Local Administrations and aid and welfare Institutions, also by way of making employees and vehicles available. 
Following on from the serious situations in the Municipalities of Marche and Abruzzo, hit at the beginning of 2017 by extraordinary snowfall, Iren accepted the invitation of the Civil Protection of Emilia Romagna Region, sending 8 vehicles and 10 technicians prepared to face the snow emergency. 
To face the serious water crisis which affected areas in the Emilia area for several months after no rainfall and little winter snow, the Group implemented technical initiatives to ensure the procurement of water for the community. 
As a sign of solidarity and closeness to the people of Colorno (Parma) and Lentigione (Reggio Emilia), hit by floods in December 2017, the Group decided to give concrete help to its customers. To this end, gas and electricity bills were postponed and water consumption, exceeding the historical average, deriving from activities linked to flood events was remitted (local cleaning, debris clearing, etc.).