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1,869 qualified suppliers to guarantee quality and reliability

The supplier qualification system used by the Group aims to guarantee that products, services and works are able to ensure quality and reliability. The supplier selection and management process is based on principles of transparency, clarity, integrity and non-discrimination.
In addition to qualitative aspects, those relevant to sustainability are also considered in the qualification process, with particular attention given to socio-environmental topics and the implications arising from the Group’s Code of Ethics.
Enrolment on the Suppliers’ Register entails – for the suppliers of goods and services with potential environmental impacts – the possibility of carrying out audits to verify compliance with applicable environmental laws.
To this end, the following evidence is requested from the supplier during qualification procedures:
  •  possession of ISO 14001 and/or EMAS certification;
  •  possession of an Environmental Product Declaration – EPD;
  •  possession of energy management systems in compliance with the ISO 50001 standard;
  •  possession of one or more environmental labels; 
  •  use in the production/service process of products from one or more of the environmental labels that highlight a focus on lowering environmental impact;
  •  the use of suppliers holding ISO 14001 and/or EMAS certification in the production/service process;
  •  the use of work instructions that govern the management of waste, including hazardous waste, packaging and packaging waste in the production/service process, from their temporary storage to their disposal within the contract;
  •  the use of recycled or recyclable material, with low emissions and low energy consumption;
  •  the adoption of specific procedures for the storage and collection of recyclable materials in order to guarantee recycling;
  •  the availability to recover or retain packaging to be reused and to decommission products to be replaced, with proof of their disposal through the recovery of the material.

In 2018, 1,869 suppliers were qualified in total. Of these, 376 demonstrated the possession of at least one of the environmental profiles given above.