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778 suppliers involved in the survey
on environmental and corporate responsibility

In 2017, Iren Group launched its first Corporate Social Responsibility survey on 2,408 suppliers to analyse how environmental policy, labour practices, business ethics and respect for human rights were managed. 
Overall, 778 suppliers responded to the questionnaire (32% of the total), which allowed significant environmental and social responsibility factors to be measured, which are summarised below: 

 Certifications: 37% hold Environmental Certifications, 27% Occupational Health and Safety Certifications and 7% Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics Certifications; 
 Code of Ethics and/or Conduct: is adopted by 46%;
 Environmental Policies: 43% adopt formal environmental policies, mainly to reduce/recycle waste produced, reduce energy and water consumption and reduce external pollution. Only 0.6% had been subject to legal proceedings or been charged for breaches to environmental legislation/regulations in 2017; 
 Labour practices: 70% adopt human resources management policies, mainly concerning employee health and safety management, work conditions, recruitment management, training and career development and gender equality. In 2017, respondents hired 1,162 employees (of which, 60% on permanent contracts, 56% under 30 and 48% women) and employed 4,735 workers for jobs carried out for Iren Group. Only 1% had been subject to legal proceedings or been charged for breaches to work practices regulations in 2017;
 Business Ethics:49% have structured specific business ethics policies, 27% adopted an organisational model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, 14% is on the list of companies with a legality rating. Only 0.9% had been subject to legal proceedings in the last 5 years for reasons concerning business ethics or administrative liability, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Lastly, 43% of respondents adopt a policy that obligates their suppliers in regards to sustainability.