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Improve the Supply Chain

Objectives Actions carried out in 2016 Future objectives
Expansion of the integrated supplier control system at the stages of request for purchase and offer, invitation to participate in a tender (not open to public) or the issuing of an order to report the adequate qualification of the supplier required for critical or strategic supplies • Procurement portal for the electronic management of public and private tenders
• Creation of a Suppliers' Register which, in addition to requesting the general strict requirements of public contracts, examines various regulatory qualifications: the adoption of an organisation model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, of a Code of Ethics, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment, Safety, as well as technical capacity, with a focus on compliance with minimal environmental criteria (CAM) for the interested categories
• Management of the vast qualification process for Group suppliers. In order to improve access for micro, small and medium enterprises (SME), such as good facilitation practices, related to certain product categories and the identification of negotiation events, for smaller amounts, in terms of volume and/or value over time, reserved to them