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14 research and innovation projects

The technological innovation of Iren Group is at the heart of strategic choices and of the definition of products and services offered.

In 2016, Iren actively took part in 14 research and innovation projects for a total multi-year commitment of around 10 million Euro, of which half was financed by research and innovation tenders managed by institutions such as the European Union, the Italian State and its bodies and regions (for example, Horizon 2020, Framework Programme 7, MIUR, POR FESR, etc.).

These projects involved a commitment of over 1.2 million Euro over the year, 0.7 million of which was funded through the tenders mentioned above. These are projects that actively involve around 50 Iren employees belonging to different business areas and with diverse operational activities, and guarantee collaborations with numerous businesses and academic institutions located in over 94 European cities.

Biometh-ER project