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89,890 students involved with Edu.Iren

Only more environmentally-friendly lifestyles can lead to people becoming more involved in their cities and citizens who are more aware about resource limitations and the need to find a sustainable development balance.

For many years now Iren Group has been present within the scholastic world, as it believes education to be the most effective and strategic means of asserting a culture of sustainability and innovation. Through the Edu.Iren project, a catalogue is available of free training proposals for students and teachers within the school system (both private and public), which is a collection of educational materials and projects on sustainability, water, energy and environmental topics. 110 plants are open to visits by students and residents, in line with the Group's philosophy and values of transparency.

In the 2015/2016 school year, guided plant tours, educational workshops, in-class lessons, educational games and other proposals from the Edu.Iren catalogue, together with the sustainability training courses for teachers and educational projects - promoted in schools by the individual Municipalities and supported by the Group - recorded 89,890 contacts and 729 schools in the Reggio Emilia, Liguria and Piedmont area. A significant number of people took guided plant tours, exceeding 10,000 visitors, 3,694 of which at TRM in Turin, also thanks to the educational project that makes the waste-to-energy plant in Turin a unique plant nationally. Over 1,300 people visited the IEC in Parma.

Sustainable Training