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Approximately 78,900 students and over 560 schools involved by Edu.Iren

For many years now, Iren Group has been committed to education, the most effective and strategic means of asserting a culture of sustainability and innovation.
The Edu.Iren project represents a starting point, which makes available a catalogue of free training proposals for students and teachers on sustainability, water, energy and environmental topics.

In 2018, Edu.Iren involved 78,893 people in its training projects and with 60 educational projects, involving over 560 schools.

The range of educational courses was extended beyond the traditional school year to make it available to the many summer programmes for younger people, and adult training courses were intensified.

In 2018, Iren offered more opportunities to experience and get to know the plants.
The Parco Acque Depurate (PAD) of Mancasale in Reggio Emilia is the main plant serving the Reggio Emilia area and the first example in Emilia Romagna of the reuse of treated water in quality crops. It has been transformed into an eco-industrial park, open to the public with an educational mission, where work and cultural activities can exist side-by-side. The park has a 10-stop pedestrian path with informative signs and highly-accessible maps, in order to facilitate the guided tours provided by the employees who run the plant.
The La Loggia Mini Hydro Plant in Turin hosted one of the Italian stages of World Fish Migration Day 2018.
The Turin waste-to-energy plant continues to be one of the few facilities to offer an innovative educational course, designed with Xkè, and was visited by almost 5,500 people in 2018.
Small plants have also been opened, such as the Collection Point on via Arbe in Turin, which hosted the “Una notte differenziata” event, with music and scientific laboratories.

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