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Combined school and work: 30 institutions
and over 1000 students, 135 on internships at the company

The experience was created in 2016 with the protocol signed with the Regional School Authorities (RSAs) in Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria. It is divided into three three-year implementation plans with the aim of making Iren Group a place where people can learn the basics of a profession, the importance of occupational safety and the value of discussion and teamwork. 
Iren is an open community where employees and students almost become colleagues, visiting sites, networks and plants.
The criteria for selecting the young people to carry out internships at company structures were agreed with the schools, the primary objective being to prepare them to face, an informed way, the path that will one day take them to join the job market and, therefore, to additionally provide them with real support in terms of direction. 
The teaching methodology adopted was designed to favour the involvement of the whole class, using flipped classroom models. Currently, around 30 institutions are involved, with over 1,000 students on in-class training courses and 135 young people who have done or will do internships, amounting to around 800 hours of classroom training and 8,000 hours of internships. 
“Sei Eco-logico” (Are you Eco-logical?), the combined school and work course with the Calvino Technical Informatics Institute in Genoa, was selected by MIUR as an example of Italian excellence. The trialled formula focuses on entrepreneurship and is intended to precede other initiatives in which Iren is the customer and the school is the supplier. The content will be available online and can be seen in a special installation at the Città dei Bambini educational play area in Genoa.

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