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Combined school and work: 17 institutions and over 400 students, 70 on internships at the company

The Group proposed its own combined school and work model to the Regional School Authorities (RSAs) in Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria, which includes an information phase for the students in third year, internships at the company for fourth years and a phase of a detailed analysis looking at the experiences matured, with the aim to provide direction, for fifth years. The Group has signed a protocol with the school authorities, which is the first example of a supra-regional agreement on the topic, allowing for the diffusion of best practices via the various Regions and the enhancement of the specific projects of the School Authorities.

The close co-planning between the individual schools, RSAs and Iren in preparing the courses, also constitutes a means to reinforce relationships with the areas in which the Group operates and to make the parties involved aware of other territorial bodies.

The involvement of 17 institutions is expected every year by way of three-year agreements. Over 400 students per year have been involved since 2016, and at least 70 of these will be selected for internships at the company in 2017.

Combined school and work at the TRM plant of Turin