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Iren alongside start-ups

“Iren Up” launched the innovative Corporate Venture Capital programme aimed at supporting Italian start-ups with the highest potential in the cleantech sector: from clean technologies to the circular economy.
In this regard, the Group provides a unique package of personalised services that may include trials, technical support, legal advice, market testing and commercial and industrial agreements.
The programme includes investments of over 20 million Euro for the first three years, with investment tickets ranging from 100,000 to 2 million Euro, depending on the life phase of the start-up and requirements.
Iren Startup Award
In 2018, Iren Group ran the “Iren Start-up Award” for the second consecutive year, a competition that saw the participation of over 170 start-ups with the aim of identifying important experiences in the field of innovation in the energy, environment, water service and mobility sectors.