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Improve for Future Generations

Objectives Actions carried out in 2016 Future objectives
Capillary initiatives of disclosure and environmental education aimed at children and adults in the local areas of reference • Include educational offers in the Edu.Iren catalogue, the result of collaborations with parties present in the local area
• Training on MIUR changes concerning sustainability
• Combined School-Work projects shared with Regional Schools and Education Offices with specific protocols and trials with individual Institutions
• Collaboration with the non-profit CentroScienza Onlus to create new educational tools
• Enhancing projects promoted by Iren Local Committees
• New pilot projects with companies in the local area on sustainability topics
• Restructuring of the Edu.Iren catalogue and all training offered
• Collaboration with Local Administrations, Schools and Associations in new areas in which the Company is involved
• On-line educational tools
• Development of relationships with educational institutions (schools and university) to foster combined school/work and the entry of young people into the world of work