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1,807 women work within the Group and make up 46% of the BoD

Female personnel within the group amounts to approximately 26% of total employees, that is 1,807 people: an increased presence compared to the previous year, albeit affected by the specific technical and occupational characteristics of the work carried out and the relative reduced offer, within the work and education markets, of female professionals that meet such characteristics.

The policies that have been implemented on the non-discrimination front during the selection stage, as well as in regard to skill development, the promotion of women’s managerial skills and the development work-life conciliation tools, have increased the attractiveness of the Group for women, also within professions that are typically characterised by a strong technical component, historically “reserved” mainly for men. The recent hires of young female graduates, even into strictly technical sectors such as waste or site&network engineering, is evidence of this.

Overall, in the Boards of Directors for Group Companies there are 30 women, amounting to approximately 24.2% of total members. Women represent 46.2% of the members on the Board of Directors of the Parent Group.

Female Workers