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Human resources: our assets

The people that work at Iren Group are a fundamental resource for growth. That is why around 99% of personnel are hired with permanent contracts or apprenticeship contracts and 39% fall within the 30 to 50 age group, while the average age is 49 years.

The Group has 7,042 members of staff as at 31/12/2018, almost half of whom (47.6%) are blue collar workers, 46.9% white collar workers, 4.2% junior managers and 1.3% senior managers. The geographic distribution of personnel amounts to 44% in the Piedmont area, 31% in the Emilia area, 23% in the Liguria area and the remaining 2% in other Italian regions. The division of the employees into different activity areas is given in the diagram below.

Mean personnel by Business Unit    
Engagement and training are essential to personnel development. That is why in 2018 Group employees received around 131,000 hours of training (+26% compared to 2017), with over 6,550 employees participating in at least one training initiative, equal to around 95% of total personnel and a per capita average of 18.9 hours.

Hours of training per capita by position and gender

IREN is the 2018 Top Employer

In 2018, for the second year running, Iren Group obtained the Top Employers Italia certification, an exclusive certification for the best companies in terms of human resources: those that offer excellent working conditions, that train and develop talents at all company levels and that constantly strive to improve and optimise their best practices in the field of human resources.