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Improving together

Iren Group has already planned significant and structured actions for the future to constantly improve the enhancement, development and management of its employees.
Objectives Future Objectives
Complete the demographic rebalancing plan with the prevision of young hires • Doubling of the under-30 population by 2020
Improve management processes and personnel development • Completion of the harmonisation process for company agreements
• Digitalisation of processes in the Personnel area
• Improvement of Change and Talent Management processes
• Diffusion of the digitalised Performance Management system for over 50% of the company population by 2020
Implement the Iren Welfare System for all company employees • Development of voluntary enrolment on the welfare system
• Activation of the diversity programme
• Smart working project
Engage and encourage the participation of personnel in sharing the policies and objectives for the maintenance of a Quality, Environment and Safety management system • Development of synergies between the certified Safety and Management Systems departments with the aim of unifying group-level topics (for example, accidents, health supervision)
• Completion of the development of unified risk assessment management through dedicated software
• Introduction of a Group application to promptly report any near accidents and/or potentially hazardous situations via the app
• Monthly integration of company indicator system with accident indexes regarding frequency, severity and type