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Improving together

Iren Group has already planned significant and structured actions for the future to constantly improve the esteem, development and management of its employees.
Important Topics Future Objectives
Employment Doubling of the under-30 population by 2020
Development of human resources Completion of the new system for assessing the organisational positions, skills and performance of Group personnel
Industrial Relations Verification of the trial and further extension of the Smart Working project
Occupational health and safety Identification of improvement actions required to introduce flexible working and merit recognition initiatives
Corporate welfare and diversity Further extension of the attendance recording system using the MyIren app that can be accessed via the company smartphone for all Group personnel
Development of existing synergies between the certified Safety and Systems departments with the aim of unifying Group-level topics: establishment of working Groups to unify transversal topics (PPE sheets used throughout the Group and the assessment of any new PPE following new risks, technological developments in products and regulatory changes; safety system procedures: emergency management, DUVRI, health supervision, general RAD, accident prevention surveillance; emergency Plan, evacuation and first aid)
Development of Gamma safety management software:
• creation of RAD and safety training management
• customisation and use of the app via the company intranet and smartphones