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Improve Together

Objectives Actions carried out in 2016 Future objectives
Conducting demographic readjustment and improving personnel management processes • Completion of the demographic readjustment plan (2015-2017 period)
• Continuation of the unification process for the Group's Personnel Management systems, with a new performance management system planned
• Launch of a harmonisation process for the Group's supplementary agreements
• Launch of the new system assessing organisational positions, skills and performance of Group personnel
• Completion of the harmonisation process for economic and legislative conditions at a Group level
Introduction of a structured welfare system for all employees  • Launch of the structured Iren Welfare system for all company employees with a portal, provider and other tools, and the possibility of allocating part of the 2016 bonus to the education, services and assistance for elderly family members and dependants, mortgages, health service, supplementary pensions, fringe benefits, recreation and assistance
• Analysis of relationships between company welfare systems and initiatives provided for by national collective labour agreements managed by Trade Unions
• Launch of a new welfare system for all Group employees, identifying the areas of intervention mandated by Trade Unions on the social and recreational levels
Constant involvement of personnel in the Quality, Environment and Safety management system   • Involvement and participation of personnel in implementing the policies and objectives for the maintenance of a quality, environment and safety management system in compliance with the standards ISO 9001, UNI ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001